Charlie SMITH
President & Creative Director
Charlie has guided the growth and development of RSC since its inception in 1990, thanks to a mix of passion and all around the box thinking. A creative individual from top to bottom, Charlie has over 30 years of experience in the graphic design industry. His artistic vision and quirky charm radiates through everything he does — managing client accounts, providing creative direction, telling “constantly evolving” stories, or just hanging at the cottage with his dog Rupert. Sadly, Charlie’s biggest laugh comes from watching someone’s umbrella blow inside out.

Art Director & Senior Designer
Super congenial and outgoing, Mark is a creative genius who makes the RSC studio a delightful place to work. A senior designer with more than 20 years of experience, Mark is superfast and has a great eye for detail. Mark’s passion for the job is matched only by his love for music of all genres, and a commitment to looking sharp. Accidentally bumping into the odd street pole keeps his cranial membranes in a constant state of creative flux.

Illustrator & Senior Designer

John's perfect blend of technical skill and natural illustrative talent permits him to produce exceptional designs and brands. A graphic designer and accomplished illustrator for over 18 years, John also has a keen eye for exemplary quality control. A lover of Sci-fi, company-funded birthday lunches, and hockey pools, John is an easygoing creative master. John's been with RCS for over 15 years now — asked by the boss as to how long he plans to stick around, he matter of factly replied, "until you kick me out" — he received an additional week of holidays instead.
Miriam KILBY
Graphic Designer & Project Coordinator

Miriam is a highly-versatile, social being with a love for laughter, dance breaks and sunshine. Over 24 years in the graphic design industry, Miriam excels in slogan development, production management, corporate layout and advertising solutions. Her friendly “glass half full” attitude fuels her approach in all aspects of the process with confidence and determination. Miriam is famous for her 3:30pm point of hilarious delirium that helps her to power through to the end of the business day.
Account Executive & Marketing

Antoine is a former entrepreneur in the fashion industry in France, and has extensive international working experience. As an exceptionally creative thinker with experience in business development, he is fully adept at clearly visualizing both sides of the business relationship. Antoine fills the role of bilingual account executive as well as exceptional customer service and marketing support. He studied music in the early days, playing both the piano and violin. Antoine's European influence brings a much needed "Je ne c'est quoi" to the RSC brand. 
Melissa SMITH
Finance & Office Manager

Calm, cool and collected, Melissa is our super-organized office manager — the one tasked with the logistics associated with financial management and administration. Melissa brings that all-important financial know-how to RSC, and is loved for her deliveries of both paycheques and fresh baked scones. 
Lillian SMITH
Creative Writer & Strategy Support

Lillian provides RSC with creative content and strategy support and, as our youngest contributor, injects that often needed dose of youthful wisdom into RSC productions. After studying advertising and marketing in NYC, Lillian now provides RSC with a Toronto presence, where she works as a Consultant at McKenzie Pitch Partners. Lillian loves art, music, and free food, and can usually be found standing in line for any one of those.